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Meet the Hobbit

First things first, the Hobbit is my three year old daughter and she insists that she is not a Hobbit, but a kid elephant.  She tells us this multiple times every day and she has been a kid elephant for almost a year.  But I think she is really a Hobbit.  She loves to eat.  Right after breakfast, she is ready for second breakfast  and then elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.  This girl is ready to eat and would definitely keep up with any Hobbit.  She also loves to be barefoot and has cute ears.

Hobbit is full of energy.  The only time she is not bouncing around doing something is when she is asleep.  And even then, I think she would rather be up doing something (thus the fact that despite her needing a good nap, she never actually falls asleep at nap time).  She also is defective…her volume control knob is broken.  And it is stuck on full volume.  Seriously, this kid yells all the time.

A friend of ours is convinced that Hobbit will grow up to be some sort of game show host, and I can believe it.  She is a ham and loves to have the attention on her.  Except of course when we introduce her to someone and then she turns into the shyest girl ever.  But she comes out of it quickly.

Hobbit is smart and beautiful and just a bit of a space cadet.  Sometimes she can be easily distracted.  Like when she yells out, “I gotta pee!” and then on her way to the bathroom she stops to play with a toy or get a book.   She is the sweetest little cuddle muffin and is a real joy.

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