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Meet the Little Man

June 1, 2011 1 comment

Little man is all boy…which is a good thing seeing as he has to try and hold his own against his big sisters.  Jen and I chose a 50’s and 60’s classic car theme for his room.  I don’t know whether it was that, or just him being a boy, but he absolutely loves cars.  This boy wakes up talking about cars, plays with them all day, holds one or two while he is eating, and has to have them while he sleeps.  When we are out driving, he notices cars everywhere.

We have a 60’s era car that only comes out in the sun.  He got to ride in it and loved it.  When I went to put it back, he was crying that it was under the cover.  A few days later when we got it out again, he ran up to it and was rubbing it and lovingly saying “car” to it. 

He also enjoys all sorts of different balls.  He has a little basketball hoop in the living room and he loves making baskets.  Sometimes he even uses the basketball. He uses any ball he can find, and sometimes whatever ever else happens to be lying around.

Little man is a happy little guy and lots of fun to hang out with.  It is fun to watch him discover new things and how he gets excited about different things that he sees.  There wil be some great stories about him.

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Meet the Hobbit

May 31, 2011 Leave a comment

First things first, the Hobbit is my three year old daughter and she insists that she is not a Hobbit, but a kid elephant.  She tells us this multiple times every day and she has been a kid elephant for almost a year.  But I think she is really a Hobbit.  She loves to eat.  Right after breakfast, she is ready for second breakfast  and then elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.  This girl is ready to eat and would definitely keep up with any Hobbit.  She also loves to be barefoot and has cute ears.

Hobbit is full of energy.  The only time she is not bouncing around doing something is when she is asleep.  And even then, I think she would rather be up doing something (thus the fact that despite her needing a good nap, she never actually falls asleep at nap time).  She also is defective…her volume control knob is broken.  And it is stuck on full volume.  Seriously, this kid yells all the time.

A friend of ours is convinced that Hobbit will grow up to be some sort of game show host, and I can believe it.  She is a ham and loves to have the attention on her.  Except of course when we introduce her to someone and then she turns into the shyest girl ever.  But she comes out of it quickly.

Hobbit is smart and beautiful and just a bit of a space cadet.  Sometimes she can be easily distracted.  Like when she yells out, “I gotta pee!” and then on her way to the bathroom she stops to play with a toy or get a book.   She is the sweetest little cuddle muffin and is a real joy.

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Meet the Princess

May 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Ah, my princess.  She was born in Paris, France while Jen and I were living there.  Now, I will admit that I am a proud Papa and maybe just a bit biased, but she is beautiful and smart (smarter than I am).  And yes, I know that when she gets older I will have to beat off the boys with a big stick.

Princess likes the things that most five year old girls like.  But she also likes cars, balls, and dragons.  On any given day, she way want to play tea party or fairies.  We had to ban her from watching Lion King because she always wants to be a lion afterwards and we couldn’t have her continually attacking her sister and brother.  I think maybe she just traded that game for playing dragons.

Princess has been in kindergarten this year and is the youngest in the class.  She amazes me at how quickly she learns.  She is reading now and can add and subtract as well.  I love my Princess and hope to tell some fun stories about her.

Meet my wife

May 29, 2011 Leave a comment

The first time I saw Jen was at a junior high youth event.  And no, she wasn’t in junior high.  She was a new youth staff member at the church I had just started working for.  We were taking the kids to play mini golf.  When we arrived, the kids and other staff quickly formed groups of four to play.  Since she and I were new, the only person that wanted to play with us was my roommate.  Not the typical way to meet someone, but it was memorable.

I can truly say that I was blown away by this beautiful, smart, funny woman.  And I can say that I am pretty sure that she wasn’t blown away by me.  Over the next few months we became good friends.  It took five months before I wore her down enough to date me.

We were married in 2002 and I love that I get to spend my life with her.  She is a great mom to our three rug rats, speaks French fluently (and isn’t too bad in Spanish either), is very crafty (as in making things), and is a great cook.

Oh, and her picture doesn’t do her justice!

Who am I?

May 29, 2011 1 comment

PabcoHello and welcome to my blog.

Here is a little introduction to who I am, starting with my family.  I have a wonderful wife (Jen), a five year old daughter who was born in Paris (Princess), a three year old daughter (who loves to eat, go barefoot, and is cute…Hobbit), and my year and half old son (Little Man).  We currently live in Tacoma, Wash. where I am looking for a job.

A little background from me. My name is Paul and I was raised in what I refer to as God’s country, Spokane, Wash.  I went to the same small school from first grade through high school. I then went to college at Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Ore.  (which then changed to Multnomah Bible College and now is Multnomah University).  After working for the school for a couple years after graduating, I started my first ministry job which only lasted for 5 months (more on that later).  I ended up in Spokane until 2000 when I moved to Olympia, Wash.  It was there that I met Jen and after getting married, we eventually moved to Paris for three years (yes, that Paris in France).  We moved to Tacoma in 2006 and have been here since.

I love my family, God, the Mariners, the Seahawks, and telling stories.  Since I worked with youth since I graduated high school, I had many opportunities to create some great stories and to share great stories.  One of the things which I hope to do through this blog is share some of my experiences and small adventures.