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Meet the Princess

May 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Ah, my princess.  She was born in Paris, France while Jen and I were living there.  Now, I will admit that I am a proud Papa and maybe just a bit biased, but she is beautiful and smart (smarter than I am).  And yes, I know that when she gets older I will have to beat off the boys with a big stick.

Princess likes the things that most five year old girls like.  But she also likes cars, balls, and dragons.  On any given day, she way want to play tea party or fairies.  We had to ban her from watching Lion King because she always wants to be a lion afterwards and we couldn’t have her continually attacking her sister and brother.  I think maybe she just traded that game for playing dragons.

Princess has been in kindergarten this year and is the youngest in the class.  She amazes me at how quickly she learns.  She is reading now and can add and subtract as well.  I love my Princess and hope to tell some fun stories about her.